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Common Traits of An Empath and Why They Need To Protect Themselves

Written by Nicole Lawler and published 07/13/2017

Empaths are drawn to healing themselves and others. They are usually drawn to healing, because they feel that they have so much internal healing to do....until, that is, they realize that most of the healing needed is for others that they are intuitively 'feeling'. They are usually in a state of constant fatigue. This is a huge issue. People, along with their energies are constantly invading an Empath's energy. An Empath will usually take on too much and become drained very quickly, and it's not easily cured by sleep or rest. It goes much deeper than that and is quite exhausting. Empaths are excellent listeners. They genuinely care about the well-being of others and find themselves listening to the woes of people they don't even know. Most people find Empaths so easy to open up to. That's when they start dumping all kinds of negativity going on in their life. Sometimes, people aren't even aware they are doing this. In most cases, an Empath will take care of the needs of others even before their own, because they care so much. Since people get comfortable enough around them to open up, they will usually selflessly lend their ear to help a person; even if it's to their own detriment. Alone time is a necessity for an Empaths. Many Empaths like to get away from all of the emotions and energy that is not theirs so they require much needed time alone. This is time for them to get back to balance, and distance themselves from all negativity that is not theirs.

Empaths can also appear as moody. Empaths sometimes seem to have major mood swings, and this sometimes contributes to all of the overwhelming thoughts and feelings bombarding them on a daily basis. Not only are they bombarded with these energies, but now they need to clearly sort through and figure out all that stuff coming their way. They are emotionally sensitive to violence, cruelty, or any sort of tragedy. Most Empaths quit watching the television and reading the newspapers at some point in their lives, as this too, can be very overwhelming for an empath. Just plain ‘knowing’ is also a common Empath trait. Empaths sometimes know things that are positive they were never taught or told. This ‘knowing’ is very different from intuition or a gut feeling.

Being in public places is often overwhelming or painful to an empath. Again so many people's emotions are in public places that can be picked up when not even trying to. This is a roller coaster most Empaths will avoid at all costs.

An Empath can 'feel' honesty and integrity. They can tell if someone is being honest or not, which is very unsettling and sometimes painful in your life. It's especially unsettling when they are dealing with loved ones. Feeling the physical symptoms and pains of another. Many Empaths will find themselves developing an ailment that someone else has that has nothing to do with them. This is empathy at its finest. These are just a few of the traits of an Empath. Again, being an Empath can be either considered a curse or a gift depending on the tools you use to protect yourself. There are many ways for an Empaths to Protect themselves. Avoiding large social gatherings or public places at all costs is one way. But there are times when you just cannot avoid these things. There are quite a few helpful ways to protect yourself as an Empath. Here's what I like to keep in what I call 'My Bag of Tricks': I use Crystals, Meditation, and The White Light of Protection. CRYSTALS

Rose Quartz is a fantastic crystal for an Empath because its healing properties promote unconditional love and comfort. This is especially good for a person that may be holding less than loving energies of something, someone, or even themselves.

Black Tourmaline or Hematite are also great crystals for an Empath to help them stay grounded. These stones will also help to absorb any negative energies.

Malachite is another crystal that will help absorb any negative feelings you may be having; whether they are your own or not!

Labradorite is a crystal that will actually help protect your aura from absorbing any issues that are being shared with you.

Citrine is a yellow crystal to help brighten your mood. Another Citrine healing property is that it can also help absorb bad energy from your environment.

​Another go to crystal for me is Amethyst. Not only is it beautiful, but it will strengthen your intuition. Heightened intuition is wonderful for everyone, but especially for Empaths to help them truly know that the feelings they may be having are theirs or not.

​Last but not least is Rainbow Fluorite. Rainbow Fluorite may very well be, in my opinion, the Mother of all crystals for an Empath as it helps all levels of being! This is a multi-colored crystal that can help you stay grounded to the earth, help clear and balance all Chakras, as well as to help you stay attuned to higher dimensions. These are my personal go to crystals to help me stay centered, grounded, protected, and tuned in. Crystals can and will help heal your life!


Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a way to attain a level of awareness that is beyond the limitations of the everyday thinking mind. Quite simply, it's the practice of bringing together the mind, body, and spirit! Most don't realize that our bodies were meant to be self-correcting to maintain positive health by simply keeping mind, body and spirit in balance. Imagine how easy it is to be out of balance when the energy of others infiltrates your body on a daily basis. It's epic! When you're out of balance, your life-force energy doesn't flow quite the way it should. Being out of balance shows up in life as aches and pains. And when you're out of balance for long enough, your body begins to create illness and disease. Alone time in meditation is a wonderful way for an empath to keep themselves balanced, healthy and whole. This is the practice of loving yourself that most Empaths put at the back of the line of importance, if it's there at all! I was guilty of this too, until I learned that putting others first was making me sick. More about me here!

White Light of Protection

When I just cannot avoid doing things that don't necessarily peak my 'wow meter', such as being in large crowds, I usually try to protect myself and my energy with 'White Light'. Many people do it differently and there's really no right or wrong way to do it, because truly it's all about the power of intention.

Take a few minutes to yourself and sit in a quiet place before you do anything. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. On each in-breath, visualize the white light of protection coming into your body through your crown and filling your entire being. Continue breathing in the white light and when your entire body is filled with light, imagine that light now shining brightly and growing so big that it now shines outside of you, surrounding your entire body. Sit breathing deeply for a few moments and feel light that surrounds you. Now smile and have a bit of gratitude, because you've just practiced self-love by putting yourself first. And you've just completely protected yourself from all unwanted and negative energies around you!

These are just a few of the ways that you can protect yourself if you have a sensitivity to other energies. I hope this helps someone out there that needs it! And once again, please share any tips and tricks that you may have that I haven't mentioned. Let's all help one another be healthy and whole!!

Stay well!

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