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My Own Personal Experience with Reiki after the Loss of my Thyroid Due to Cancer

Reiki energy healing session.
Medical Reiki is administered during a suregery in the operating room.

My 1st
Reiki Session 

Mind, body, & spirit on balanced rocks in the sand.
Reiki healing being administered during a Reiki Treatment..

I came to a truly emotional place in my life for energy healing when I became sick after having my thyroid removed and didn't know where else to turn.   I turned to a Reiki healer and my life has never been the same since.  That's where my journey of healing began.  I was truly touched by an angel.  


Everyone's mind and physical body needs something different, so no two Reiki sessions are the same for any two people. It's for this reason that it's hard to say what Reiki feels like. I know that some people feel the warmth of the energy throughout their body, while others feel the tingling vibration of the energy. Some people go into a meditative sleep state, while others feel absolutely nothing but relaxed. I can't tell you what you will feel, but I will tell you the story of my first Reiki session.


My first session with Rebecca, whom I consider to be my healer, was during a time of need for emotional healing.  After I had lost my cousin, who was like a sister to me, to breast cancer, I moved away from my family, and then developed cancer for the second time in my own life. In the end stages of my cousin's illness, she had migrated to alternative medicine for healing while doing chemo, which helped soothe her pain during that time.  She did eventually lose her second battle to cancer and was only 40 years old at the time.   This was devastating to the whole family. This alternative medicine intrigued me and so I read as much information I could about it. I felt like it may be time to face some of my past demons and do some internal healing, as well as heal myself from the lack of wellness in my own physical life.


I intuitively found Rebecca through the internet and was drawn to see her. She was located an hour away from me, but I felt that she was the person I needed to see. She is a spiritual healer, doing many variations of healing, from Massage, to Hellerwork, to Reiki. I quickly set an appointment to see her and had no idea what to expect.


Rebecca started her session with me and immediately, when she put her hands on me, I felt comforted and loved with each move of her hands. The session lasted an hour and still, to this day, the main thing I remember about this session is having the feeling of so much love and white light all throughout my body. This feeling overwhelmed me so much that tears just rolled down my face and I could feel the release of whatever it was that she worked on that day, because at that point, I had no idea what was happening. All I knew is that at that moment, filling my body, was so much love that I'm sad to say I had never felt before, especially all at one time. I heard her invoke the angels for help but had no idea what she was doing, but I thought whatever it was, was truly magical.  I remember thinking about my husband and how he needed to see her too and feel what I'm feeling right now. About a month later, he went to see her for his own amazing experience.  That is an incredible story for another day!


I saw Rebecca for quite some time after that to help me get over the issues of my childhood that haunted me. This was just such an amazing experience for me, that soon I went on seeing Rebecca for the physical healing I was in need of due to my thyroid cancer removal, and the havoc it wreaked on my body. To this day, I consider Rebecca my miracle! Each session I had with her was such a wonderful experience and I feel that everyone should be so blessed to experience this.


Every single time I saw her, it felt as if somehow more of the wall of armor I'd created around myself just shattered at my feet.  I began to feel lighter and filled with a loving light that I could never quite explain.  In all the times I'd see her, we would talk briefly about pains of the past I was looking to release or physical pains in the here and now due to thyroid removal and physical dysfunction in my body. Rebecca was always able to hone in on what I was feeling and magically remove the pain and fill that space with love, light, and wholeness.  I always left her with some different piece of information that would help me to keep physically well or to feel grounded and mentally well.


After that experience, I learned to be the facilitator of energy healing and have been a Reiki practitioner since 2009.  Today I am a Reiki Master and a Medical Reiki Master.  I feel genuinely blessed enough to have had the opportunity to touch the lives of many through energy healing.  The power to heal is truly a gift to me and I learn more and more each day.  True healers are able to see beyond the physical and deal with the emotional, mental and spiritual energies to manifest the healing powers of the physical body itself.  Click here to learn more on what Reiki is or you can book your session here.


A few years after becoming a Reiki Practitioner, I worked in an assisted living retirement community.  I conducted monthly seminars for the residents there to help them better understand energy healing, mind, body, & soul.   As your physical body gets older, it sometimes increasingly shows signs of wear and tear.  I had  many residents that enjoyed the healing energy of Reiki, but two people in particular stick out in my mind.  This was a couple who saw me for two very different reasons.  The husband would come to see me for back pain once every week, and sometimes twice a week depending on his pain levels.  He’s had many back surgeries in his lifetime and always has constant back pain, due to putting his physical body through undue stress while in the service so many years ago.  During the time of helping him with his back pain, he missed a few sessions due to family issues and explained to me that he had very little pain during the weeks that I had performed Reiki, as opposed to those weeks that he received no Reiki healing.  He had told me that he’d seen many doctors as well as chiropractors and I helped subside his pain the most. 


Also, this gentleman's wife used to come in just for energy purposes.  She was a very sad woman who had a lot of emotional pain with the loss of a son.  She came in and explained that after she’d seen me, her energy was different, brighter even.  She told me that she felt better with a spring in her step as far as her energy level goes.  Since then, I've  shown her how to meditate and she was able to pick herself up emotionally when she couldn't physically make it in to see me.


If you've stumbled here, onto my website, chances are you're looking for a way to heal yourself.  Any ailments you may have that have not been relieved through other efforts, consider energy healing with Nicole to reconnect you to a state of calm and balance throughout.  Your energy healing session can be done distant or in person.


Whether you are looking for healing for yourself or for a loved one, Reiki makes a great gift!  After all of the running around during the holidays, treat yourself to a healing session.  If you're purchasing a session as a gift, put this in the notes section, and I'll send a personalized gift certificate!


Life Healing Energy believes in the holistic approach to healing. If you're feeling out of balance and in a state of dis-ease, Medical Reiki Master, Nicole Lawler, can assist you in finding harmony in Mind, Body, & Spirit. Together, we'll create a customized plan that addresses your unique needs.

Nicole Lawler
220 Beaumont Drive
Oxford, PA 19363

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