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Treatments offered by Nicole
with a natural approach to your health & wellness, so that you may get back to balance in your life!

Great News!!

Our Copper Healing Pyramid is included with ALL treatments and group sessions.

Copper has been used for centuries due to its physical and metaphysical benefits.

Learn about  Copper Pyramid Healing here!

Here you'll find ​​Life Healing Energy's personal treatments that will guide you on your journey of healing and assist in defining the root cause of the imbalance, anxiety, depression, pain, illness, and even disease that is keeping you unwell in your life. Sessions are done in-person (unless noted otherwise) at Beaumont Drive.

220 Beaumont Drive  Oxford, PA 19363

**Please Note**  

I understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable and scheduling conflicts can arise, so I offer scheduling flexibility. If you are looking for anevening or weekend appointment, please 

text or call me at 484-390-0525.

I'm always happy to accomodate your needs & find a time that fits your schedule.


Reboot your inner healer with Life Healing Energy.
Even rocks can find balance.
Rock Balancing

I'm here to help.

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