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 What is 
Medical Reiki & How Can I Benefit?

Medical Reiki is a specific protocol in the practice of Integrative Medicine, built with Certified Medical Reiki Masters. This practice is governed by Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC, and is based on the Gold Standards and Best Practices for bringing the healing power of Reiki and administering to patients before surgery, during surgery in the Operating Room, and after surgeries as well as helping with any other medical treatments, such as chemotherapy, radiation, childbirth, and even those on Hospice Care.  Reiki can gently assist, also in the crossing over process for your loved ones, creating a loving and peaceful space within them to cross over gently, without fear.  

RKMRI Medical Reiki is the practice of bringing the energetic healing power of Reiki into an operating room by a Certified Medical Reiki Master. Medical Reiki Masters have been attuned to and trained to give the healing power of Reiki in a medical environment or during surgery, while working safely and unobtrusively with a surgical team. Reiki has been shown through clinical results to relieve stress, reduce pain, less pain medication being needed as well as a speedier recovery, so it's every patient's right to receive this powerful healing. Every patient deserves to have a Certified Medical Reiki Master on their surgical or medical team of healers.


Raven Keyes is the pioneer for this work and has been internationally recognized as the Reiki Master Teacher who based the Gold Standards and Best Practices of RKMRI Medical Reiki Training with her many years of working with top surgeons across the United States, such as Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Sheldon Marc Feldman. Raven is the only Reiki Master to have been invited into the operating rooms of these prestigious surgeons.


Raven Keyes Medical Reiki International, LLC, founded by Raven, is the only teaching body training Reiki Masters in the Gold Standards and Best Practices of working in medicine. Once trained, Certified Medical Reiki Masters are submitted into a Registry of Certified Medical Reiki practitioners who can intern in the OR or are sent out to assist patients as needed.


Integrative Medicine, Energy Medicine and Complementary and Alternative Medicine is the wave of our future, and every patient's right.  If you or someone you know is having a surgery and would like to discuss options of Medical Reiki please don't hesitate to contact me today for your free consultation to discuss your needs.

Reiki being given in a hospital during surgery.
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