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  Healing is where the heart is!  

I'd be honored if you feel inclined to post a recap of your experience with any of my services or classes. To know that I've made a difference in even one person's life means the world to me! See what others had to say about Life Healing Energy Treatments, Classes, & Reiki Certification Courses.   See more Reiki Healing Experiences for physical pain, medical issues, as well as emotional issues are half way down the page.

REIKI and COVID 19 -
Reiki Student's shared experience working on Covid 19

I checked in with a Reiki Level 1 & 2 student of mine via text after the new year to see how his self healing is going.   Here was his response:


“Happy New Year, hope you are well!  Well I have practiced a lot of self healing…This past week, I was hit with COVID, I repeatedly would Reiki myself as best I could.  Wow, I really whistled through covid and self-quarantine very easily…It really helped me with my full body pains.

I haven’t had an opportunity to work on anyone else.  

Yes, covid was a basic walk in the park for me but the thanks doesn’t belong to me.  Hope you and your family are blessed in 2022!”

shared experiences about treatments


The first Reiki session with Nicole soothed the pain in a way I cannot describe but the second session, she used a carnelian ball on my lower back for the chronic and severe pain of degenerative joint disorder as well as arthritis in my hips. The carnelian ball was very warm while passing over my lower back and was very comforting but it didn't completely rid me of the pain. After the healing ball, she placed several pieces of hematite directly on the skin of my lower back, right above my tailbone and it's hard to believe what happened. As soon as the stones hit my skin, the pain literally just diminished, like it was never even there in the first place. I cannot get over the fact that these stones just completely dissolved the pain for as long as they sat on my back. How does one explain that? I don't know how it works, but when your in that kind of pain, it doesn't matter how it works. I'm so very grateful for the pain relief.

Thanks Nicole! ​



Four days before my Reiki session with Nicole I went on a pretty rigorous hike and hurt my back.  I also had pain and swelling in my knee and hip due to a previously torn ACL.  I was thrilled to have won a free session with Nicole at The Salt Hut and has high hopes that I would feel some relief from my  Reiki Session. 

During my session, I felt what I can only describe as a sense of opening up and an energizing calm.  Physically, I felt a soothing heat, especially in my injured or needy areas, and it was amazing!  The pain and inflammation in my knee and hip was almost completely gone and the injury to my back felt relaxed and did not take my breath away as before.  That night I fell asleep comfortably as soon as my head hit the pillow and the next day I felt a considerable improvement in my back!  Thank you Nicole!!


​I was in a very emotional state, which was making my health problems worse. I have lupus and my body is in a constant state of pain. She had performed Reiki on me many times in previous years which helped me a whole lot, but this time I wasn't so sure that it would help considering my mind was not in the right place, and that I would not allow the healing in, but she said to give it a try! I was very thankful that I did. She did a Chakra Cleansing first, and then Reiki Energy Clearing of the Chakras. She did this with many different healing stones and her hands. I was able to feel the negativity leave my body, let my emotions go and let in the colors and the vibrations of healing!! I couldn't believe that I came out of that room a completely different person than the one that walked in!! I am also a believer in the power of the stones too! A few days after our visit, she called to see how I was feeling. Emotionally, I was great but my body was in a lot of pain so she had me put on the hematite bracelet she charged with Reiki and wear it for a few hours a day. At the end of the first day, my pain had subsided a great deal, that I now wear it a couple of hours each day. I haven't had a really bad pain day since. I am so happy that I gave it a try that day. It has been a few weeks now and I still feel as good as the day that I left that room!!! Thank you, much peace and love to you!!!



I contacted Nicole after getting some unsettling news at a doctor’s appointment. I had seen her post on Facebook about medical healing and thought I’d give it a try. I explained my situation and we decided to try distance reiki.

For my first session, I felt tingling in my body in certain spots during the session. It went from head to toe, but mostly my toes, neck, back, and face. My body would feel super heavy and relaxed like I couldn't move. The feeling would ease up and be really light. By the end, I fell asleep even though I was wide awake at the start.

​My second session was much more powerful. It reminded me of when you can feel someone’s presence near you but nothing is there. My ears, cheeks, neck/shoulders, and toes felt really warm. The sensation would radiate. I had my eyes closed to relax and a few times it seemed that a white light would come over me and slowly fade away. My body felt really heavy, like I couldn’t move but was comfortable. After an hour, my husband came up and woke me up because I fell asleep again. When I got up, my legs still felt tingly but I was really relaxed. The next day I had to see a specialist and was able to sleep through the night, which I was having trouble with. I also felt at ease and calm through my appointment.

My third session seemed easier to relax. I was able to focus on relaxing and being in the moment. I felt tingling in my face & cheek, which is where I’m having trouble. It would feel warm, as if I had just went for a jog. I again felt very relaxed and fell asleep.

My experience with reiki has been powerful and mind-changing. I went into it with an open mind. I did not know what to expect. I didn’t read what to expect just to see if I could experience something. Each session with Nicole has been different in its own way but has helped me feel calm about my health problems. When I initially felt something at my first session, I knew Nicole was the real deal.


I really feel that I need to comment about the Reiki treatments that Nicole had given me after getting my tonsils removed. I was never a believer in this stuff! I am in my 30's and was told that a procedure of this nature is very dangerous to adults over the age of 30. I was prepared for the worst. The day after the surgery, Nicole gave me my first Reiki treatment. I was amazed at how I could feel the energy. It was warm and soothing over my throat/neck area. The strangest thing was that after the treatment, I felt relaxed and pain-free instantly. Although the pain did return (because there is no escaping tonsillectomy pain,) I had NO complications from this surgery. She continued to Reiki me throughout my recovery and I healed at a faster pace than my doctor had advised. I guess you can call me a believer now. Nicole, thank you for helping me through that difficult procedure!​


I had shoulder surgery in December 2016 and have been in a lot of pain and aching. Nicole had used Reiki a number of times to help with pain management but this one day, the pain was like no other. She used a crystal carnelian healing ball on my shoulder. As she rubbed the ball on my pain spot, the carnelian ball started to get hot and it lowered the pain to a manageable level. Again, at a different time, the massage with the crystal carnelian warmed up in the area I was dealing with the most pain and then would cool off and return to normal cold on the rest of the shoulder. It was so nice to get some relief, even if for just a little while.

Thank you! ​

shared experiences about treatments


Nicole has been such a great help every time I’ve had reiki done. Every time I see her, she helps relieve my anxiety and depression. I always look forward to seeing her. She’s such a fun and sweet person that I will be bringing my 6 year old to her as well. She did long distance reiki for me and my kids the other night because we are all going crazy being stuck in the house during this pandemic, and the past two days my 6 year old has been amazing. Nicole is amazing!!!


I feel super good and very relaxed today.  Last night's session was so intensely awesome, and what a beautiful warm and fuzzy feeling I got!! You are truly gifted at what you do!  I can't thank you enough!  My dogs felt it too, by the way.  When I came out of my room it was like they were doped down to a very mellow state.  It was funny the way they kept looking at me with droopy, peaceful eyes, like I was a dog God or something!  LOL  And I slept like a newborn baby!  With love, Becky!


Absolutely amazing! This was my first experience with Reiki. Immediately after meeting Nicole I felt comfortable, it was as if I was sitting in a room with a life long friend. I was suffering from a period of depression. I did not know what to expect. But as Nicole worked on me waves of emotion came flowing out. I felt so calm and centered when I left. Since then Nicole has helped e with distance reiki battling a bad. I can not express how grateful I am to have met such a kind genuine person. O will be continuing with Nicole and referring all my friends.


Authentic!  Like most people, I didn't seek out holistic therapies until every aspect of traditional western medicine failed.  Three years ago I was isolating myself from my family and the world and had become weary of life.  Then I met Nicole.  Nicole has a calming energy about her and immediately put me at ease.  During that time of my life, that never happened before.  Nicole's experience and intuition helps her find the areas in the body where energy has become blocked and may be causing physical and mental health issues.  This unique skill allows Nicole to focus on key areas clearing negative energy blockages allowing your life energy to flow freely in your body.

I truly believe adding Reiki with Nicole to my current medical therapies three years ago has taken years off my healing time.  Currently, thanks to Nicole, I can enjoy life with my wife and children, making happy memories and happy childhoods for my children.  Nicole played a huge role in not only saving my life, but helping me to heal so I could find my life again.  

Nicole is an authentic person that has an amazing aura, peaceful energy, and is an expert in her field.  I cannot recommend her highly enough!


Immediately when she started the work, I could feel my heart center clearing. For months, possibly a year, I’ve been feeling so heavy. My chest (heart chakra) felt like a hole was inside of it and it had a stinging feel to it. I have no idea how she does it, but she is life changing and amazing. I owe her so much more than this review. If you have never had Reiki healing you should. I feel like a brand new person. Blessings to you, Nicole, for your abilities.


My first Reiki Chakra Cleansing session 5:42 pm. Before my session I was feeling excited, ready for some change. I was also rather nervous, I didn't really know what to expect. I have been doing affirmations for a few days now. My appointment was at 7pm. Almost time.

7:00 pm. I was lying on my bed trying to get comfy. Shortly after 7:00 pm, I felt warmth in my torso. It could have been imagined. Shortly thereafter I felt like I had a lump in my throat...I had some warmth in my neck and chest and shoulder areas. Ok, it was not imagined!

At one point I had what felt like a warmth starting at my right hip that kind of washed down my leg and seemed to run out of my foot. Then, I felt warmth in my whole torso that came and went a few times, and 2 times in my pelvic and hips area.

8:00 pm. I feel really relaxed and I think tranquil! That's not something I am used to. It felt really nice. I could get used to that!

8:17 pm. Right now I feel happy. Not giddy, but a nice light feeling.


The next day, I talked to Nicole on the phone, and she asked how I felt. I said "pretty good, but I kind of have a headache today." We kept talking and within I few minutes I noticed I no longer had the headache. I asked Nicole if she did that. She had actually sent me healing energy as we spoke. The headache did not come back that day, and I haven't had one since then.


As of the following day, I am still feeling much "lighter", and happier. I seem to be sleeping better and wake up so much easier than I had been. I have also noticed that I haven't had all the little aches and pains I normally do. Yes, there are some here and there, but not as many as before.


I will continue to have more sessions with Nicole, as I felt I was really "broken". She has also given me ways to help myself, which I have been using and think they are helping a lot. The compassion that Nicole has is not something that is "put on". She genuinely feels this. She is unlike anyone I have been to before, (that means Doctors) and none have shown the compassion and passion for healing people. To me it feels unbelievably wonderful. Thank you Nicole. I can hardly wait for my next session.



 Oh wow. Well. I can say that it worked. I actually started feeling ... I don’t know how else to describe... I saw it... love like energy... with my aural vision (though it’s not vivid... I can feel-see it.) I was sitting on the back porch, and it kind of came on strong... (where one’s eyes blur, and then see, and then feel good energy). Bones vibrate a bit so minute. Fibers start singing in my body. It prompted me to go lay down. :)

Laying down now. What I would say to you that I experienced quite quickly (though time was lost on me), as best I can... first and foremost... is that it has been a long, long time since I have been able to feel the Earth moving. It’s a very relaxing, wonderful feeling. I went even further than I have before in noticing that we are on this Earth floating in space and energy, connected... I didn’t get much further than the earth floating. Wow.

I saw blue. I felt my body translucent. I felt you had a methodology, but could not exactly point where it was. Comforting-like. I felt tingling. I felt a good "closing" of certain energy outpour from me that need not be there. I felt this "spirit" wind blow that energy to my left and away (the fan I had on was blowing to my right... so I know it was something with energy.) Towards the end (unlike in person) the tension in my throat went away. I felt like something was pulling at it... I know some things about Reiki... but not nearly enough to decipher each meaning and barely know all the Chakras and their powers.

So, I am awake now... and I feel relaxed. I do say, though... I need a lot of work... that is one thing clear to me. I can’t thank you enough for this. You definitely have a loving energy... I feel it is powerful. I know that from what living energy you sent when we first spoke; it really did help dissipate some of my "stop light" anxiety!

Thank you so much, Nicole. 

shared experiences



​I took Nicole’s Reiki 2 course and loved her and her style. I was thrilled to receive in-depth information on Reiki by a genuine and wonderful teacher. I was advised to seek out a teacher that resonates with me, has the proper, provable credentials and is willing to teach me.  Nicole is all of those things and more. Her kindness, sincerity and authentic nature is a true indicator of the depth of practice and integration of the Reiki precepts that she infuses into both her Reiki trainings and her life. It is clear that Nicole has done a lot of work to heal herself first.  She has overcome many obstacles in her lifetime and has healed herself through self-Reiki. Because of this, she is able to provide insight about the personal exploration that takes place when learning to heal yourself before you can heal others. I felt a real sense of safety with Nicole. She took the time to answer all of my questions and continues to be available to me whenever I have a question about my Reiki practice.  Her trainings are well structured and extremely informative. I am lucky to be able to continue to learn from her. I look forward to Reiki 3.


Great class! Recommend it to anyone. The info is easy... it’s what you do after, how you use it and practicing is what comes into play. Nicole does a great job getting you everything you need to know to begin your journey of healing yourself and others.  Nicole is always there for you after each class with any questions or concerns. I was a healer before I met her, but she has made me into so much more now - she’s the bomb! - for anyone else that is curious.


Nicole allowed me to join her Level 1 Reiki certification class at the last minute. It took me outside my comfort zone but she was there for me the whole time…she had my back! I have now been honing my Reiki skills on myself (I have respiratory issues) and also my cat! So far so good. Looking forward to moving on to Level 2 and expanding my knowledge. Nicole has great energy, great intention, and most importantly... LOVE!!!

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