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Distant Reiki Healing

You can experience the same benefits of Life Healing Energy distantly as you would in person.  If a client is unable for one reason or another to come to my office for a healing session, I usually recommend distant healing.

During a distant session, Life Healing Energy can send Reiki, Balance your Chakras and energy field, provide grounding, access your inner child so that you may begin healing emotionally, as well as to assist in your negative physical manifestations.

Nicole, with Life Healing Energy, is able to assist in the restoration of the clients own innate healing ability, as well as provide tools of continued healing for the client to use in their daily lives after their session.

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What to expect from a distant session:

Having discussed your needs/areas of concern prior to the appointment, the distant session will always begin with a text at the designated time. 

During the distant session, you will need to set aside a time period of one full hour to be in a quiet space and uninterrupted.  I will activate the distant Life Healing Energy and work quietly according to the clients needs.  The client sometimes feels the energy as if they were there in person.  A client may feel such things as emotions rising to the surface, tingling sensations, a pulsing of energy, warmth, coolness, or a feeling of relaxation.  Each distant session is uniquely different and tailored to each client's needs so every client receives Life Healing Energy differently.

Reiki treatments can be offered in my Reiki Space, hospitals, cancer treatment centers, chemotherapy suites, rehabilitation facilities, hospice, Labor & Delivery suites, Intensive Care Units, Emergency Rooms, Veterans Hospitals, Assisted Living Homes, Nursing Homes, as well as in your home in bed, on a couch or in a chair.  Find some balance & healing in one!  



I came to Nicole today in hopes that my stomach would stop hurting. My entire family had been sick from this "bug" and I was the last, most severe case. I was not going to let the virus tell me to go to the e.r and be told I had a virus and let it run its course and nothing could be done and go home drink fluids and get rest. 

So, I contacted Nicole because my stomach was doing a summersault of ups and downs. I wasn't able to eat, for everything I did eat or drink for that matter came up. I wasn't able to sleep for being uncomfortable for a little over a week. I live a bit over 2 hours from Nicole, so this is considered a distant reiki session. I had fallen asleep for about an hour and when I got up...I actually got up! I lifted my head without feeling nauseated or dizzy. Everything that I had experienced was gone, just an awful memory. I knew right away Nicole had worked her healing hands and had taken the toxins from my body. As I prepared to get out of bed, I could still feel the tingle (like little tiny effervescent bubbles) cascading all over my stomach. I think until you experience Nicole's healing hands yourself, nothing can prepare you for what or how you feel from start to finish. I think she is the real deal and will seek her help in the future! Thank you again Nicole! 


My first Reiki Chakra Cleansing session 5:42 pm. Before my session I was feeling excited, ready for some change. I was also rather nervous, I didn't really know what to expect. I have been doing affirmations for a few days now. My appointment was at 7pm. Almost time.

7:00 pm. I was lying on my bed trying to get comfy. Shortly after 7:00 pm, I felt warmth in my torso. It could have been imagined. Shortly thereafter I felt like I had a lump in my throat...I had some warmth in my neck and chest and shoulder areas. Ok, it was not imagined!

At one point I had what felt like a warmth starting at my right hip that kind of washed down my leg and seemed to run out of my foot. Then, I felt warmth in my whole torso that came and went a few times, and 2 times in my pelvic and hips area.

8:00 pm. I feel really relaxed and I think tranquil! That's not something I am used to. It felt really nice. I could get used to that!

8:17 pm. Right now I feel happy. Not giddy, but a nice light feeling.


The next day, I talked to Nicole on the phone, and she asked how I felt. I said "pretty good, but I kind of have a headache today." We kept talking and within I few minutes I noticed I no longer had the headache. I asked Nicole if she did that. She had actually sent me healing energy as we spoke. The headache did not come back that day, and I haven't had one since then.

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I feel super good and very relaxed today.  Last night's session was so intensely awesome, and what a beautiful warm and fuzzy feeling I got!! You are truly gifted at what you do!  I can't thank you enough!  My dogs felt it too, by the way.  When I came out of my room it was like they were doped down to a very mellow state.  It was funny the way they kept looking at me with droopy, peaceful eyes, like I was a dog God or something!  LOL  And I slept like a newborn baby!  With love, Becky!


Immediately when she started the work, I could feel my heart center clearing. For months, possibly a year, I’ve been feeling so heavy. My chest (heart chakra) felt like a hole was inside of it and it had a stinging feel to it. I have no idea how she does it, but she is life changing and amazing. I owe her so much more than this review. If you have never had Reiki healing you should. I feel like a brand new person. Blessings to you, Nicole, for your abilities.

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To see if a Distant Life Healing Energy session is for you, call me for a 15 minute consultation today.


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