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Crystal Grid Workshop 

Manifest Your Desires For the Year Ahead!

With the power of intention, paired with the energy of crystals and sacred geometry, you've got a powerhouse trifecta 

to manifest any desire.  Join me to learn more!

Nicole's Sideways grid.jpg
Nicole's Sideways grid.jpg
Power of Intention
metatron grid.jpg

Presented by Nicole Lawler of Life Healing Energy

Unleash the power of your intentions and join me for the Crystal Grid Workshop, brought to you by Nicole. In this 2 hour workshop, you'll discover the art of creating a crystal grid, choosing the perfect crystals that align with your intention, and activating your grid to bring your dreams to fruition in this new year. Together, we'll explore the sacred geometry of this ancient practice, intention setting, different healing properties of crystals and unlock the secrets of crystal energy within your grid and you can manifest your desires continuously throughout the year!

Bring ideas for your intention!

Date:  June 1st

Time:  10 AM - 12 PM

Cost:  $45 cash, collected in person. 

Gift For All in Attendance!

Additional crystals for your grids as well as supplies for creating additional grids for different intentions will be available for purchase during the workshop at a 5% discount. Once your grid is created, it’ll be cleansed, and you’ll learn how to activate it. 


And, for even greater intention amplification, everyone in the workshop, along with their completed crystal grids, will receive a Reiki Energy Infusion from yours truly! 

Metatron grid with crystals.jpg
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