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Life Healing Energy Offers Workshops 

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Workshops Presented by
Nicole Lawler of 
Life Healing Energy


"Just as the lotus remains unstained by the mud it grows in, we can retain our inner purity and strength in the face of life’s trials."  ~Eckhart Tolle

Welcome to the Life Healing Energy workshop page, where you'll find a nurturing environment for learning, growth, and new beginnings. There is s transformative power of holistic healing and alternative medicine, and these workshops are designed to empower you to live a happier and more fulfilling life.


Join me on a journey towards growth and self-discovery. My focus is to teach you techniques for physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. Don't just survive, thrive!  Come find your way, even in the murky waters of life!

Check back to find the Workshops - coming soon!

Crystal Grid Workshop

Discover the art of creating a crystal grid, choosing the perfect crystals that align with your intention, and activating your grid to bring your dreams to fruition in this new year. Together, we'll explore the sacred geometry of this ancient practice, intention setting, different healing properties of crystals and unlock the secrets of crystal energy within your grid and you can manifest your desires continuously throughout the year!

Chakra Balancing

Explore the power of energy healing with this Chakra Workshop. Discover your body's seven main energy centers and learn how to maintain their balance for better physical, emotional and spiritual health. This workshop takes you on a journey through the chakras, covering their physical and emotional functions, and offering valuable insights into signs of imbalance and tips to restore harmony. With in-person balancing exercises, it has everything you need to harness the energy of healing.

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