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The Greatest Gifts Emerge Through the Greatest Challenges

At the age of 37, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  It was through my healer that I began to understand that it was my thoughts, feelings and the emotions of my past trauma that created my disease.  Today I know that my greatest challenge in life was also my greatest gift.  I was given the gift of spiritual healing.

My bucket list journey to Sedona!


My name is Nicole Lawler and today I'm an experienced Medical Reiki Master, Energy Healer, and Usui Reiki Teacher. I integrate a range of treatments and therapies as well as group sessions to treat a myriad of issues such as anxiety, depression, chronic aches & pains, illness, and disease. Holistic medicine promotes deep relaxation, regenerates internal energy, assists with processing & the release of emotional issues such as trauma that likely created the imbalance in the first place.


All of these things combined activate the restoration process of the physical body's ability to self-correct. Healing the whole of you brings inner peace, balance, as well as the ability to accept and achieve optimal health & well-being in all areas of your life. Reiki and Holistic Medicine is what assisted me through my own personal healing journey after Thyroid Cancer in 2007 and inspired me to become a holistic healer. 


I share my own personal healing and spiritual journey with you in the hopes that you can see how it is sometimes through great pain and trauma in your life, that wonderful gifts do emerge.Having grown up in a home of dysfunction and abuse in my younger years, I've learned so much in how to overcome such trials and tribulations in life, but learning to truly love myself fully, flaws and all, was the lesson that took me a long time to learn.It took me learning that I'm an empath and truly understanding what that means, before I understood why my greatest emotional pain was so much more difficult. Learning to use this part of me has elevated my ability to help others heal, so now I am grateful for it.  More about how I realized I'm an empath is here.

I was then diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer. It was with great pain while working with the very darkness that took over my being, that I was bestowed upon many gifts. Today, I will tell you Cancer was my wake up call and saved my life in many ways.

It was through my healer and the tools she gave me along the way in my healing journey that I truly learned that mind, body and spirit are all one. Read about my first energy healing experience here.

It wasn't until the realization hit me that you cannot truly heal the whole without healing each of the parts, did my mind and body come together for the greatest gift of all - healing me.

During my healing process, many suppressed emotions came up to be dealt with. Looking deeply within, feelings of anger, guilt, lack of self worth and depression came to light from a childhood of dysfunction and torment as well as from the bumps and bruises along the way as a young adult with a family.

The difficult road of dealing with emotions of the past is when I truly began to heal my life. It was those very emotions that had made me sick in the first place. After dealing with each of them over time and changing the negative broken record in my mind, is when I found true healing in my body.

In all of my life growing up, those negative emotions that I held so tightly, produced everything BUT self-love. It was a long and hard road for sure, but through the process, I learned my worth. I learned to release the guilt that wasn't mine to have. Most importantly, I learned to love myself. I now love myself!

Today I am happy, healthy and whole. I'm so very grateful for the experiences that brought me to this place today. Each piece of the darkness puzzle in my life, once healed, became a gift of the brightest light. It's what brought me to this point of joy and happiness with my life.  

I've attended workshops, worked with many healers, and have studied many techniques. It's through these techniques and practices, along with the experience of my own healing journey, that I feel blessed to now be able to pass along healing and inner peace to you.

It is through the gift of empathy, that I'm able to feel what is needed during client sessions so that I may create a safe and compassionate space for all in their journey of healing illness, pain or trauma.  

The healing processes I call upon are Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Healing, Sound Therapy, Meditation, Hypnosis, and Hypnosis Meditation.  

And since writing has been a huge part of my growth during my own personal time of healing, I created a blog to share all of the things that have assisted in my growth and wellness.  When I realized that my writing has become my release, I've decided to share my personal journals through my blog.  Just knowing I could possibly help even one person heal the natural way through my articles, warms my heart, which is why I share these tips and tricks of healing. 

I've also taken stock of the things that I've used during the years that have helped me heal and created healing products such as crystal chakra balancing jewelry, crystal healing pouchessound therapy, in-person 
, as well as digital meditations.   All of these products were designed with healing in mind.  

The jewelry and healing pouches were created with healing in mind because I've done extensive research on the things that have helped me to know why they've helped, and took that research one step further for you or anyone needing help emotionally, physically due to illness or disease, or just for that someone who is simply looking for their own spiritual growth. 

My own personal healing session through sound has inspired me to research the effects of sound to a physical body, so I learned how to stimulate the Vagus Nerve through sound and why it's so important.  which then brought me to doing my own healing with crystal singing bowlsThe medical community is now acknowledging sound as a huge part of therapy to the body.  Again, while feeling the incredible effects of sound while healing myself, I felt so very inclined to be able to share yet another vehicle of healing with anyone needing assistance in that area.

As I've literally tried everything and anything suggested to me for personal growth during my healing and noticed a huge difference in my mental and physical well-being while doing meditation, which lead to that research.  And since meditation has so many health benefits I continued on leading guided meditations, and creating electronic meditations with what I call the trifecta of healing.  I've created new meditations weekly so I could bring a new experience to clients through each one, some basic and some more advanced, all designed for healing and the release of negativity, paired with the music in the background of my 7 chakra crystal singing bowls.  So not only are you doing something good for yourself through simply meditating, they are designed to guide you to heal and have sound therapy infused as well.

I literally work on my growth every day, and with each new thing or experience that helps me, I'm guided to share that with you.  I feel it's my life's work to assist others on their path in life if I can.  So live life, laugh and love yourself everyday, as this is the life YOU were meant to have.  It's your birthright to live in abundance of happiness and Divine health so if I can help guide you back on that path, I would be truly honored to do just that.    

All of life has it's ups and downs, so know that you are truly not alone in a world of some darkness.
Every day though, after every darkness of night, remember that we are always rewarded with the gift of light.

​My sincerest hope for you, is that you choose to accept your light! We all deserve the light!  Contact me if I can help, and I would feel blessed and honored to be a part of your growth and healing, bringing the light back into your world.  Read what others have had to say about their healing experience with me here.

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