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Make Your Home a Post-Surgery Oasis

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

Photo courtesy of Pexels

By Sophie Letts

Do you have a surgery planned, or are you recovering from a recent procedure? Medical Reiki is a wonderful way to put you on the path to healing before, during, and after surgery. Learn more about the benefits of Medical Reiki from Life Healing Energy.

If you are like most patients, you can’t WAIT to get home from the hospital. And yet, if you are recovering from major surgery, you may be stuck in bed for a while, even after your joyous homecoming.

So you want your home to be as comfortable and peaceful as you can make it. Life Healing Energy shares some tips for making your home recovery as soothing as it can be.

Keep things you need near the bed

Any former hospital patient knows the importance of the bedside table. Minimally, you need to have your medications, hand lotion, television remote control, the book you’re reading, tissues, Chapstick, and any medical equipment--like blood pressure monitors, glucose meters, and breathing devices--near enough that you don’t have to keep getting out of bed.

Work with your family, friends, or home aid to locate other things that you will need near to your bed. Keep a few clothes on a nearby rod or hook.

Give yourself a view

Parking yourself near a window may really boost your sense of wellbeing. Even if all you see is the back yard, it still gives you a connection to the natural world which is a healing experience. You may even want to ask your caregivers to put up a bird feeder or a bird bath so that you can enjoy seeing birds flocking and bathing. Experts agree that wildlife viewing is a form of therapy.

If getting a view of nature simply can’t be done, get someone to bring you a potted plant or some wall art that depicts a meadow or ocean scene.


Experts agree that a well-organized home, free from clutter, is good for your mental health and recovery. You may or may not be well enough, just out of the hospital, to declutter your house yourself. If not, consider hiring someone to clean and organize your home before you get there.

The list of health benefits of decluttering is extensive:

  • Clutter collects dust which triggers respiratory complaints like asthma and bronchitis. Unclean clutter may also be harboring mites and bacteria that cause illness.

  • Floor clutter can be mostly invisible until you stumble on it, fall, and break a hip.

  • Clutter is distracting and can cause you to lose focus or be unable to get focussed. This may lead to bad decisions or inability to make important decisions.

  • Clutter stresses people out, usually on a subconscious level, so that you don’t even know what’s bugging you. People can even gain weight as a result of this type of stress.

Prepare your home

In addition to stocking your refrigerator and freezer, finishing up all the laundry and moving furniture around, consider necessary repairs or updates that can be of benefit. For example, if you know you’ll have limited mobility, make sure that you have at least one accessible bathroom to make toileting, bathing and other hygiene concerns easier. If you need faucets installed, a taller toilet, pipes moved, or other adjustments to the space, a qualified plumber can help. Simply search for “plumbers near me” to find a list of possible contractors. Read their reviews, and make your choice based on top ratings.

Don’t get too lonely

Even if it feels like you’d rather just sleep all day, you need to maintain emotional connections. Don’t be proud. Ask your siblings and children to come visit you. They will help you laugh and remind you that there’s a world beyond all this recovery.

If you don’t have a pet, you may want to consider adopting one, if your medical condition allows it. Dogs and cats are nature’s therapists. They will put their heads in your lap, and they won’t care that you don’t look like a supermodel.

There is a reason that hospitals have therapy dogs. Studies from the 1980s indicate that heart disease patients who had dogs were living longer than those without dogs. Even Florence Nightingale made a note that pets were useful to the recovery of mental patients.

Consider supplemental therapies

It can be helpful to add supplemental therapies to boost and accelerate your recovery. A massage through a therapist who makes house calls can be soothing for aching muscles. A physical therapist may be able to visit to help you with exercise that enhances recovery. You can also enjoy a distance reiki session, which can be an excellent way to reduce tension and promote natural healing.

If you are finally going home, good for you. Now take care of yourself, and make sure the house you come home to is going to help you get back on your feet.

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