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Retrain your brain while you sleep with a digital meditation personalized to your needs.

Retrain Your Brain
Manifestation Meditation

Would you like to be more positive?

Would you like to release the past emotional or physical trauma

that keeps you unwell?

Would you like to heal your body?

Would you like to create happier relationships?​

Would you like to feel unstuck?

Would you like to stop self-sabotaging good things in your life?

Would you like to attract more money?

Would you like to find great health and balance in your life?


I’m here to tell you that you CAN begin to attract money.  You CAN afford that thing that you think you can't.  You DO deserve to have all of your deepest desires, wishes and dreams fulfilled.  You CAN be more positive.  You CAN create and maintain loving relationships.  You CAN improve your body's natural healing ability.  You CAN promote optimum healing for yourself.  You CAN even manage pain without medication and deal with life issues that may drag you down.  You CAN live your life in a divine state of health, happiness, and abundance, the way you were meant to.  You can do all of this just by listening while you sleep to balance the mind, body, spirit as one and retrain your brain at the subconscious level! 


If I can do it, YOU CAN TOO!  Let me explain.


Have you ever thought to yourself: 

“Money doesn’t come easy.”  

“Nobody loves me.”  

“I don’t deserve to have that.”  

"My relationships always fail."

“I can’t afford that.” 

“I’ll never get that job.” 


If this is your inner dialogue, I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault!!  We have all been taught and trained at a very young age to have certain beliefs that do not align with our highest good.   My friends, these thoughts are programs from your childhood or maybe even from the circumstances that you live in now.  These thoughts no longer serve you.  It's these programs and thoughts that keep you from getting exactly what you want out of life.  I’m living proof of this and I can help you break free of these self-sabotaging thoughts and I can also help you rewrite your story.   Allow me to assist you in designing the life that you've always imagined -​ a life that's just perfect for you!  


Early on in my own healing process, I tried many different things to help me heal myself.  Some things worked amazingly, some things didn't and some were just so-so.  I took what works great for me, added in some others that were so-so and started to share the healing creations I've made for myself with others because I believe we all deserve a healing, whether physical, emotional or spiritual.  I've been sharing many things that have helped me in my healing process and these are just a few: meditations, personal sound therapy recordings and in person sessions, Group Reiki Meditations, Chakra Balancing Bracelets, a Chakra Balancing Toolkit, along with some others.


So years ago, I read the book "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne, and that was a game changer for me.  I'm a firm believer of affirmations assisting in creating a more positive emotional state as I’ve been doing them for years and they've helped me immensely.  But just a few years ago, I stumbled upon The Secret again and a light bulb turned on in my head about things I'm already doing, which led to a few more light bulbs turning on and I'm going to share these with you now.  There were many lightbulbs that went on in my head so stick with me here.  It's what led me to creating such a spectacular healing and manifestation tool that I'm going to share with you.   I'm going to tell you all of these things so that you get the entire picture of how I created this amazing manifestation meditation and how it works entirely while you sleep.  You need to do nothing more than listen to the recorded guided meditation while you sleep.  You're going to sleep anyway; you might as well do something good for yourself while you do.   Listen to my recorded guided meditation created specially for you and get healing for yourself as well as begin to manifest a beautiful new life, relationship, job, nest egg, confidence, etc.  Whatever it is your goal is, you CAN achieve it!  The sky's the limit!!


I've been creating guided healing meditations since 2017.  Once again I started creating these for myself and realized I could help so many that are trying to meditate with difficulty like I was, so I put them out there as a tool for others as well to find balance and healing through meditation.  These meditations are infused with my personal sound therapy music of the crystal singing bowls.  I've recorded and designed these meditations to first bring you to the subconscious level and then impress upon you healing on two other levels while guiding you through the meditation;  The first level of healing is being guided through the meditation at the subconscious level so that you can go deeper into meditation.  It's a known fact that meditation has benefits such as assisting in better sleep, assists mental stability, assists in overcoming OCD, soothing PTSD, and these are just a few.  See the list here.  The second level of healing is to create this special healing time for yourself in a habitual manner.  Self-care is one of the most important things in life to bring good health and balance to your life.  The third level of healing is through Sound Therapy via the Vagus Nerve.  I was thinking about the design of my meditations as well as things that I teach in my Reiki classes and yet another light bulb turned on for me.  So follow me with this for a moment to see the next light bulb that turns on the brightest light in guiding me to create this amazing meditation and a brand new me!  And this could be you too!


I then realized that I teach my students as part of the Usui Reiki Courses that they should be doing meditation and self-reiki for 21 days at the very least.  Teaching students to do this for 21 days is really two-fold.  The first reason is so that they may continue clearing and healing all of the blockages within their body of course.  And if you've ever tried to create a better routine in your life, you'll learn that it takes 21 days to make a habit.  So cleansing and healing yourself for 21 days is obviously fantastic for your mental and physical well-being, but the real reason I teach this is so that my students can create a habit of making self-care and self-healing a priority as part of their daily routine and attain the highest healing and clearing to be a better healer.  This allows one to be the brightest and clearest healer they can be.  Self-care in the healing process is essential.  These were all of these things that popped into my head almost simultaneously and evoked in me the creation of a little experiment for myself back in 2018.  And boy am I so glad that one little thought popped in my head creating so many more light bulbs popping on to light my way in healing and creating this amazing tool for not only me, but now for you!


So it was early in 2018 that I started creating my own personal meditation monthly recordings with healing in mind.  The early goal of these meditations were to create the habit of self-care as well as a healthy dialog of self-talk rather than limiting beliefs.  For those of you that know me know that I was not raised in the best environment so I had so many horrible programs that I needed to re-write.  I also learned to take care of others before myself and this began at an early age when I felt like it was my job to take care of my mother and protect her from the abusive grasps of my alcoholic father.  I was also having trouble in my marriage because of the realization that I've been putting others first for all of my life and at my own demise.  This is something that definitely needed to be rewritten.


So I started listening to the recordings I created for myself while I slept because, quite honestly sometimes there's just not enough time in the day to complete all of life's daily objectives, so listening while I slept first created the habit.  I certainly didn't want to lose my own personal goal of self-care, but even better than that is in some cases, this would be a second meditation in a day for me....UH WINNING!!  At any rate, I would create the meditations with the premise of bringing my emotional state and physical health exactly where they need to be during that month.  In all of my personal meditations, in the very beginning, I continued to bring myself to the subconscious level as I did in all of the others.  I then used affirmations pertaining to healing my body and/or mind, releasing any toxicity within my body.  And then I used the affirmations that align with achieving the goals that I had set for myself that month. I called it a  retraining of my brain.  I was essentially washing away all of the terrible programs and beliefs that I had been taught in my formative years.  


Now you also have to realize that some limiting beliefs are so deep seeded that it takes more time as it did with me in certain areas which I continuously work on today.  I do this just because I don't want to fall back into any habitual thought processes that were not for my highest good, so with each meditation I create for myself, I'll put specific things in that are ongoing work for me in my life.  So back to the meditations, and how I've created them.  This biggest win for me is that by mid 2018, I had created a habit of self-care and this was my primary goal - DEFINITELY WINNING WITH THIS ONE!  Because of who I am and where I came from, I continue to take care of others, but my first real breakthrough with the personal manifestation meditation that I've created is that my own self-care comes first above and beyond all else.  I no longer running around drained!  And this for me was so huge because it was a life-long habit and I'm no longer a spring chicken!  LOL Then I thought to myself, "If I can undo putting others before the care of myself, I can do anything!  Why not try to see if I can start manifesting things in my life?"  So I started adding manifestation goals in these meditations.  And here's where it gets really exciting!


Again, in the background of all of my meditations, I have my singing bowl music playing.  So not only am I receiving healing therapy through the music and vibrations of the singing bowls, for these meditations, I've added the sounds and vibrations of the Tibet singing bowls, a crystal singing pyramid, chimes, and light drumming.  Along with the sound therapy, I'm then training my brain at the subconscious level with my affirmations for limiting beliefs, and then I've added in affirmations pertaining to things I wanted to see if I could manifest.  All of this while continuously receiving a sound therapy infusion and a rebalance of energy while simply listening.  If you don’t know how these bowls work, click here, as they are pretty incredible AND they stimulate the Vagus nerve, so BONUS!!  Don't know what the Vagus nerve is? It's only the most important nerve in your body!  Read up on Sound Therapy as Medicine to Stimulate the Vagus Nerve here.  The results from these "Retrain Your Brain - Manifestation Meditations were nothing short of spectacular!  


OR....Read on to see what amazing manifestations happened for me!


The very first thing I manifested with my own personal Retrain Your Brain - Manifestation Meditation was very early in 2019. I had arthroscopic hip surgery on January 31st that year for a torn labrum in 3 places in my hip.  I continually listened to the recording I had made for myself to attain an easy and quick recovery to get back on my feet in no time.   What I manifested for myself amazed others, including my surgeon.  I continuously worked on internal healing for myself and was walking with the assistance of only a cane in just 3 weeks - no more crutches.  I had met someone 3 weeks later when I was released to drive who told me he had the same surgery as I did and he was on crutches for almost 4 months after his surgery.  To be fair, I also did self Reiki for months before the surgery.  I also Reiki-d myself distantly the night before for during the surgery and continuously non-stop after the surgery.  These are amazing results but to me, they didn't entirely count because I was also using Reiki as a healing tool!  I had a client that I worked on before, during and after her surgery with similar amazing results.  Her quick healing process even shocked her doctors after her colon cancer surgery.  You can learn more on Reiki before, during and after surgery here.  Here's the story of the Amazing Grace Jones and her colon cancer surgery healing results.  Either way, my hip is now wonderful!  Thank you Reiki and Retraining My Brain Meditation!

The second manifestation I worked on was to pass the Series 65 Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam and this one was HUGE for me!  I learned that it was now mandatory in my position to have this license and I needed so much help as I had already failed this exam 4 times.  I had so much fear driven self-talk going on that I didn't think I'd ever pass it.  I started this process mid 2019 with the goal in mind of allowing me a clearer and stronger memory with the ability to apply the information learned as I was studying for my Series 65 securities law exam.  My self-talk went like this during all of the 4 failures and into what I thought would be my 5th failure:  "Because I'm older, my memory isn't what it used to be." "This test is too stressful and brings me so much anxiety. ``''I'll never pass it."  The awesome part of this is that I knew that all ​of these were just my limiting beliefs but the fear was debilitating me.  I knew that if this meditation would work on these limiting beliefs, they would work on anything.  So I made it my mission to start manifesting all kinds of things, but back to the Law Exam...LOL.  This is what I did:  I created my mediation and listened every night for the next 8 weeks (because 8 weeks MUST be better than 3, as my husband would say.  LOL ) while I continued preparing and studying.   I finally passed the Uniform Investment Advisor Law Exam - on 9/29/2019 I went to the testing site, took the test, and PASSED!  Holy cow, I was so excited that I thought...what else can I  manifest?  And so I created other little experiments for myself and had amazing results!  You can see my Securities Exam Result here!!  I would never show this normally, but I thought to myself, this is super amazing to me and I'm so proud of myself that I had to share it!!

Securities license finally passed after numerous tries with the assistance of the Retrain Your Brain Meditation.

​The next manifestation I worked on with amazing results was helping my mother sell all of the contents of her home and then the home itself, ALL during COVID, when it felt like the entire world was shut down.  My mom was in dire straits when my Aunt died and could no longer afford to stay in her home of 54 years.  If you can just imagine all of the things people can accumulate in 54 years!  All during the pandemic, I helped my mom, who lived an hour away from me, sell her entire house contents and then sell her house in October of 2019.  I was there every weekend working on this with her.  This took only 6 months, not without trials and tribulations with my hip, but it was still recovering nicely!

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