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Reiki Infused 'Grounding' Healing Pouch

Reiki Infused 'Grounding' Healing Pouch

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Our Reiki Infused 'Grounding' Healing Pouch is specifically designed to provide assistance and support for those struggling with staying grounded to the earth. This pouch features powerful crystals such as Black Tourmaline which is a protective shield against negative energies; also negates negative or fearful thoughts, Hematite which connects you to the earth & inspires creative thinking, cools the body, restores a state of relaxation, and Selenite which promotes groundedness, calmness and serene feelings


The pouch has been infused with Reiki energy, making it a powerful tool for healing and transformation. With regular use, this pouch can help to clear blockages and provide peace and balance in your life. Use it in meditation or carry it with you throughout the day for added support and protection.


~Crystals come from the earth - Expect size, color, and shape to vary – approximate size of crystals are  1/2” to 1”

~Wear crystals on your person, in your pockets, on your nightstand, under your pillow, or anywhere near you.

~Make sure to clear your crystals after every use:  put under moonlight, rinse with water (those crystals that are ok in water), sage, or keep with Selenite which will naturally clear your crystals.

PLEASE NOTE:  Do not use on or near your person if you have a device or similar devices to a pacemaker as hematite has magnetic properties.


Your Healing Pouch(es) will arrive in a delicate organza gift bag. Included with your Healing Pouch(es) will be a piece of Selenite Crystal to clear your crystals.  Store your Healing Pouch(es) with the Selenite Crystal when not being used.  You'll also receive with your purchase, a description card, which has each Crystal Name, and Healing associated with it! 


​These Healing Pouches make wonderful gifts for yourself, someone you love, or someone you know who needs a little more joy, peace, or healing in their life!   Find the assistance to manifest a NEW YOU with healing Crystals!


Crystals can aid in healing, stress reduction, and wellness. Your wellness therapy is subject to your own interpretation and is for your own personal growth purposes only. With each person’s varying needs, exact results cannot be guaranteed.  This is not medical advice, nor is intended as a replacement for medical treatment.

These Reiki Infused Crystal Healing Pouches are put together with Love, Light, & Reiki Healing energy just for you! 
​Happy Healing!

~Nicole Lawler - Medical Reiki Master

  • Disclaimer

    The purpose of this website and these Reiki Infused Healing Pouches is to provide basic information and assistance to aid in healing, stress reduction and wellness the natural way, as well to assist and complement medical care.   Specific results are not guaranteed as each of us are different with different needs.  

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