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Life Healing Energy offers February Specials on Healing.

February Specials

Valentine's Day extends beyond

romantic love & connections.

It's also an opportunity to prioritize self-love!

Indulge in personal pampering, either with a loved one today or reserve both experiences exclusively for yourself.

You deserve it!

Girl with a Valentine Heart over her face.
Happy Valentine's Day picture leading you to Life Healing Energy Specials for Valentine's Day.

Experience the February Magic of Healing with Life Healing Energy and enjoy an opportunity to shower yourself with love! Indulge in a personalized pampering session for yourself or share the experience with a loved one. Alternatively, revel in both experiences exclusively for yourself. You've earned it!


Holistic healing is the ultimate gift, benefiting both you and your loved ones. I provide a range of healing services that target the core of your physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges. Whether you seek relaxation or aspire to attain inner peace and balance for a more fulfilling life,

I've got you covered!

Valentine's Month Specials & Giveaways

All specials/giveaways available throughout February:

  • 3 Reiki Giveaways: The first three individuals to share their class or healing experience receives Reiki as my Valentine's gift to you. 

  • Act fast! The first two sharers will each enjoy a 1-Hour Distant Reiki Session, while the third person will be treated to a 1-Hour In-Person Reiki Session.  Share your experience herePlease text me once you've shared your experience so that I can reach out to schedule your gift.

  • Chakra Balancing Session(s) Discount: Schedule a Chakra Balancing Session using the provided coupon code $15OFF4LOVE and enjoy a $15 discount! This fantastic offer allows you to receive chakra balancing which includes Reiki for the cost of a Reiki Session alone. Seize this opportunity to pamper yourself or express your care for a loved one. You both deserve it!

  • Savings:  Receive 20% off all orders greater than $180 during the entire month of February.   Shop Now with coupon code: 20%OFF4U

Don't miss out on the chance to embrace healing and self-love this February. Book your sessions here right now and let the transformative journey begin!

Gift Cards available here!

Happy Valentine's Day Heart with small hearts.

Book a Chakra Balancing Session, which includes Reiki, for the price of a Reiki Session alone! Don't miss out on this amazing deal! Pamper yourself or share healing with someone you cherish!

Life Healing Energy wishes for you to love yourself every day!


Valid ALL of February!

Receive 20% Off of
All Orders Greater Than $180


Valid ALL of February!

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up!
~John Andrew Holmes Jr.

Don't forget

to care for yourself the way you would someone you love!

Be Mine

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Coupon Code:
At Life Healing Energy, we believe that holistic healing is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and your loved ones. We offer a variety of healing services that address the root cause of your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues. Our goal is to help you achieve inner peace and balance so that you can live your life to the fullest.
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