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Benefits of Reiki Healing During Pregnancy

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Article written by Tanya Douglas

Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences in every woman's life. You feel happiness and joy for bringing a new life into the world. Your baby's first kick is something you will never forget. But pregnancy can also be accompanied by numerous challenges. It's an emotional and psychological rollercoaster often riddled with anxiety and fears. Also, your body is going through some major physical changes. Changes that can make you feel exhausted. You can also expect morning sickness and discomfort, especially during early pregnancy. Therefore, you need all the help you can get. In the following text, we will talk about the benefits of Reiki healing during pregnancy and how it can help you achieve mental peace and harmony even in challenging times during your pregnancy.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing technique that uses life energy to restore physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance in the body. Reiki practitioners use their hands to deliver this energy to the body, improving energy flow and balance to support healing and improve overall health and well-being. The absence of almost any physical contact makes Reiki completely harmless for pregnant women and is safe at any stage of pregnancy. It can be combined with conventional medicine, massage, or prenatal yoga. Prenatal Reiki is an excellent way for pregnant women to release accumulated stress. It can also help them cope more easily with all the physical and emotional changes of pregnancy. The pregnant woman receiving the treatment is placed in a comfortable position, either lying or sitting. Reiki will help you feel relaxed and calm, enabling you to enjoy your pregnancy without fear or worry.

Benefits of Reiki healing during pregnancy

Universal healing energy channeled by a Reiki practitioner can be very beneficial for the pregnant woman as well as for the child.

Relief of pregnancy symptoms

Reiki treatments during pregnancy will help mothers-to-be cope with some of the most common symptoms associated with pregnancy, such as:

• morning sickness

• aversion to food

• fatigue

• anxiety

• sudden mood swings

• low back pain and joint pain

• insomnia

• hormonal imbalance

Pregnant women that regularly practiced Reiki sessions reported that almost all pregnancy-related symptoms were either much less intense or completely disappeared.

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Meditation and mindfulness during Reiki can further promote healing, well-being,

and inner harmony.

Stress reduction

Pregnancy can be scary, especially for first-time mothers. The sense of uncertainty they feel during pregnancy is the most common source of stress. They worry about possible complications during pregnancy and childbirth. Very often, they think about financial problems in the future or how they will manage the role of mother. Reiki sessions during pregnancy can help remove accumulated stress. They provide the necessary emotional and psychological support for achieving inner balance and a sense of calm. Meditation and mindfulness during Reiki can further promote healing, well-being, and inner harmony.

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The healing life-force energies that connect mother and child will allow them to bond better.

Reiki strengthens the bond between mother and child

Reiki sessions are holistic. It means that they affect the whole body. Channeling universal energy toward the pregnant woman will have a positive effect on the child as well. Many moms report changes in child activity levels immediately after a session. The healing life-force energies that connect mother and child will allow them to bond better. The child can benefit from Reiki sessions through the reduction of stress in the expectant mother. Reiki energy helps the mother restore inner balance and focus on the pregnancy, ignoring all discomfort, pain, and anxiety. A lower concentration of stress hormones in the mother's blood has a long-term positive effect on the child's development.

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Reiki healing during pregnancy helps with the pain

It relieves pain in the body

As the pregnancy progresses and the fetus grows, the increasing weight that the woman feels as well as the shift in the center of mass can negatively affect the spine and joints. Pregnant women often feel pain in the lower back and joints and find it difficult to move. Reiki healing during pregnancy can bring relief by relaxing the muscles. It reduces the pain and improves the mobility of the pregnant woman. Walking and exercising will be much easier for her. Even moving to a new home while she is pregnant, if necessary, is something that pregnant women will do without difficulty. Of course, we have to take some extra precautionary steps to make it safer. Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatments; it just gives us alternative coping strategies.

Postpartum benefits of Reiki

Reiki has significant benefits for general well-being even after childbirth. Emotional problems that new mothers face can also affect breast milk production. Since breastfeeding is vital for the proper maturation of the child's immune system and its emotional development, regular Reiki sessions after childbirth can help the overall well-being of both the child and mother. And don't forget: babies, toddlers, and children also love Reiki and feel its benefits.

Can pregnant women practice Reiki on their own?

You can practice Reiki through self-healing sessions that should be shorter than usual. Assume the position in which you feel most comfortable, sitting, lying, or on your side. The trimester you are in will vastly affect the position in which you practice Reiki. It is essential that you feel comfortable throughout the session. Even if it lasts only for a few minutes, your body will benefit from a Reiki spiritual self-care session. Place your hands on your body and let the energy flow. An uninterrupted flow of energy will improve the health of your body, mind, and spirit. Correct palm position will allow you to achieve maximum results.


Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experiences, and every mother deserves to have a positive one. However, things often don't go just as we imagined. Stress during pregnancy is almost inevitable, and we can only hope that we can keep it under control. Reiki is an excellent tool to support women during pregnancy. It can help them achieve spiritual peace and balance in life. There are numerous benefits of Reiki healing during pregnancy, and we hope they will have a powerful and positive impact on your pregnancy experience.

Thanks Tanya for another great informative article. I have had the pleasure of serving a few women during their pregnancies with Reiki as well as after with great results for each of them. Please reach out to me with any questions or if you'd like to discuss this topic further. Also, as always, please share this article with anyone you think could benefit.

Love and light to you!

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