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Ways Medical Reiki Can Help Your Surgical Procedure

Article written by Tanya Douglas

There are few things in this world as powerful as the human touch. And since Reiki is all about channeling energy through a human touch (both physical and spiritual), it holds the power to do a lot of wonders in different spheres of life. Medical Reiki became a crucial part of many people's health practices, and with good reason. Practitioners can help alleviate pain, reduce stress and make your whole organism a pile of cells in peace with one another. If you're undergoing some surgical operation, you need to know that medical Reiki can help your surgical procedure. Here are the ways it works.

Reduce pre- and post-op anxiety

Reiki's potential benefits for pre-and post-operative care have been investigated in a number of studies. Participants in Reiki sessions before and during surgery reported lower anxiety levels compared to controls. Since worry may impede healing, it stands to reason that Reiki treatments aimed at lowering anxiety would aid in recovery. Even if you aren't going into surgery yourself, you can choose to become a practitioner yourself in order to help your loved one feel less anxious about the procedure.

Prevent or lessen post-operative depression

Surgical patients often struggle with depression, especially if their procedure is particularly difficult or if they have to endure a lengthy and painful recovery period. Depressed patients may have a more difficult time recovering since they are less inclined to follow their physicians' advice. Complications after surgery might be increased by not following the doctor's orders. Reiki has been linked in studies to a decrease in depression and an increase in optimism. So, patients who try Reiki after surgery may have better moods and be more motivated to get well.

Also, one of the major causes of post-operational depression is decreased patient mobility. Applying Reiki can make a significant impact on your motivation. Still, it can have even better effects if you consult experienced personal trainers and ask them to help you with exercises to increase mobility after surgery. It's essential to keep your muscles in shape in order to have a faster recovery.

Stress relief

There is mounting evidence that chronic stress contributes to increased inflammation in the body, which may slow the healing process. Attendees of Reiki sessions consistently report higher levels of relaxation and less tension. People who have recently had surgery may benefit from using Reiki to help them relax and recover more quickly. This found and proven ancient method can be a great addition to your post-surgical oasis in your home.

You'll sleep better

Quality sleep is crucial for the body to recover after an illness, trauma, or surgery. Important molecules, such as melatonin, are secreted during quality sleep. Melatonin is a regeneration hormone, so when you sleep better, your body will have a better chance of regenerating and healing properly after the surgery. Many patients report better sleep quality after starting Reiki treatment because of its calming effect on them. Also, when you experience good quality sleep after nights in pain, you'll feel your very best, and the world around you won't be a scary place.

It can lessen post-operative pain significantly

Post-operative pain is quite prevalent. If the pain is severe enough, it might prohibit the victim from engaging in the physical activity essential to speeding up the healing process. But some research suggests that Reiki might help lessen the discomfort patients feel after surgery. One research found that women who received Reiki before and after a hysterectomy reported reduced discomfort throughout the healing process.

But don’t take our word for it. A happy client Jessica from Oxford, says that the Medical Reiki session before her tonsillectomy helped her deal with both fear and initial post-op pain. Also, contrary to her expectations, she had zero complications after surgery, and now she refers to herself as a “believer” with no doubts about Reiki's effectiveness.

Erase the unpleasant memories

Even though it's a common medical practice to use medications that have the effect of anterograde memory loss, you can still be left with some unpleasant memories after it. Some of the best Reiki practitioners swear by applying pressure on your adrenal glands to get rid of unpleasant memories after surgery. It might not seem a lot at first glance, but medical Reiki used in this way is an important part of self-care you need to practice every day.

What are the best ways to practice medical Reiki for surgical purposes?

Practitioners may help with their Reiki skills the most before and after surgery. However, in some cases, depending on the hospital's regulations, Reiki can be practiced during the surgery too. When a surgeon gives the green light, a practitioner may provide "hands-off" reiki to the patient in the operating room. Of course, they need to keep out of the surgeon's way while still treating the places within their grasp. By activating the second pattern of the SHK Channel (the head), they may aid the patient's mental and emotional health in preparation for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

Before the surgery

At least a week before the operation, begin daily Reiki treatments. We maximize Reiki's healing effects when we allow energy to gradually collect in the receiver's body. Complete reiki sessions (front torso, head, neck, shoulders, and rear torso and feet) should be given to the person or animal undergoing surgery at least a week before the procedure.

For the best results, make sure to do this every day. Aim for sessions of 40-60 minutes of reiki just before surgery. It is preferable to do reiki on the whole body rather than focusing on localized areas.

Use the fact that medical Reiki can help your surgical procedure

As you see, medical Reiki can help your surgical procedure in many ways. So - use it! Once you try it, you'll ask yourself why you haven't tried it before. Old and wise Tibetan Buddhists were onto something all these centuries ago. When we finally get the opportunity to discover all the perks of their knowledge, we should hold on to it and use it whenever we can. Surgery is stressful on so many levels. Today, we provided you with the power of knowledge that you don't really have to go through all the trouble. Make sure to find the best medical Reiki practitioner near you and discover all the magic behind it firsthand.

Thank you so much for yet another great article from Tanya. This is how I was able to heal so quickly after my surgeries along with a few clients with their surgeries. You can read a few recaps here. Feel free to reach out to me if you'd like to learn more. And please, as always, share this article with anyone you feel could use the help!

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