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Reiki as a Holistic Cancer Treatment

Written by Nicole Lawler

Reiki helps re-balance the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. It aids in the body’s natural healing capabilities. It has now become a widely known therapy for many ailments and diseases. Reiki Treatments help restore your sense of wholeness.

Reiki is now recognized for healing cancer and many other disorders, and is promoted by the American Cancer Society as safer holistic cancer therapy. Traditional cancer treatment can be very painful and draining. Because Reiki is a non-invasive procedure, it helps the patients relax, lowers the stress levels, lowers the heart rate, and even reduces intense pain while enduring conventional treatment. Reiki energy goes right where it’s needed combating the pain and helps to promote better health for faster healing.

Reiki can help fight symptoms at each individual stage of conventional cancer treatments. Problems in our lives, illness, and disease come from minor blockages in our mind, body, or spirit. Energy healing restores the balance of the whole person. Sickness often begins in our mind (as I’ve learned the hard way), and it is often in the mind that healing begins, bringing you from a state of dis-ease back to a more balanced state. In the early stages of cancer, Reiki may even reduce tumor size, helping to reduce the number of chemo treatments.

Being diagnosed with Cancer can be very traumatizing to a person. Since chemotherapy/radiotherapy treatments can be quite painful and draining, physically as well as mentally, Reiki can help ease the symptoms and bring balance back to your body. This balance will put your mind and body in a place conducive to your body’s natural healing ability. It is said that accumulated emotional energy may be the original cause of an illness and Reiki can help the patient release this energy.

In the case of terminal care, Reiki is used in focusing on improving the quality of life by reducing the physical and emotional stress often associated with serious illness, especially in hospices. I donated time to a local hospice and helped many in their time of crossing over for an easier transition. Reiki was also a great help to the family who has been emotionally drained from the grieving process of losing a loved one.

Reiki has many known benefits during cancer treatments. It balances the mind, body, and spirit, removing the body of toxins and impurities, allowing the body to regain its natural ability to heal. While rebalancing energy, Reiki enhances the immune system. It brings peace and calmness, reducing stress. It relieves pain and discomfort of treatment, creating comfort. Reiki helps regenerate cellular growth, accelerating the healing process.

If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer, make a difference in their life and introduce them to the healing benefits of Reiki at a much needed time.

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