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Spiritual Self-Care Tips for a Healthy Soul

Modern times require us to be ever-present, problem-solving-oriented, socially adaptable, professional, and most importantly - courteous at all times and costs. We have managed to narrow down human existence to superficial fractions, holding on to mechanisms that allow us to sail the surface of the greater, orchestral life we recognize as the universe itself. The subliminal message of the social consciousness robs us of any metaphysical aspect and context - there's only here and now. So, we focus on the tangible - our physical health, and the socially acceptable realm of the intangible - our mental and emotional health. The truth is, we cannot be whole without our "holy tripod" harmoniously evolving - physical, mental, and spiritual pillars of human existence. Unfortunately, spirituality is still often considered to be nothing more than pagan poetry. We beg to differ. We are happy to share our spiritual self-care tips for a healthy soul. Welcome home.

Why is spiritual self-care important?

Why is air important? This analogy is crucial for understanding the importance of the invisible. Spirituality is our metaphysical oxygen; without it, there is no access to the "higher self," the purest form of an individual's existence. If we manage to acknowledge and tune into our inner being, intuition, an all-wise shepherd, will follow and mend the non-physical broken pieces.

How does one define spiritual self-care?

One doesn't, as it differs from person to person. Imposing definitions and recognizing other people's paths to nourishing the soul as the only right path will not get you any closer to a healthier inner being. The concept of spirituality is an open gate; it invites all beliefs and forms, as long as they align with the individual's core. Some might experience its embodiment in nature, others in religion and religious rituals, tarot, art, music, universe, astrology, and the occult. Spiritual self-care is about having a sacred purpose and experiencing feelings of deep inner knowledge and connectedness to "self," ultimately leading to harmony and happiness. - and staying healthy doesn't cost a thing.


No surprises here. Accessing our "higher self" while nibbling on a sandwich during lunch break is highly improbable, can we all agree? Our cognitive functions and ego may be our allies out there in the interpersonal world, but they're also magnificent in hindering us from experiencing our inner selves. When the mind is quiet, the soul takes over. Practicing meditation changes our brain patterns, giving way to spiritual alignment and deep healing.

Media hour? Pass.

Spiritual self-care calls for a digital detox. It's safe to say that we're collectively suffering from media overstimulation. Checking our phones every couple of minutes has become our body's involuntary action to fight off anxiety and other unsettling emotions. Digital distraction leaves no room for the things our soul aches for:

  • inner insight

  • reflecting

  • observing

  • reading beneficial material

  • better quality of sleep

  • truly connecting to people around us

  • understanding our own needs

Get the creativity going

Interestingly enough, creativity has proved to be one of the best spiritual self-care tips for a healthy soul anyone can give you. How come? As previously discussed, humans tend to overlook the spiritual and fixate on the physical plain. And that's only somewhat true. We're more inclined to observe our bodies through the lens of aesthetics rather than genuinely accepting and understanding the tireless inner processes. It's fair to say - our perception of the physical is, again, rather superficial. According to recovery experts from, creativity allows us to enter more profound levels of "the self" and aids us in revealing and accepting our multilayered being through creation.

Space cleansing

No matter how skeptical and nonreligious one might be, their soul feels the energy. The energy mustn't be stagnant to keep the spiritual flow and our souls healthy. Unless we make an effort to cleanse our living spaces regularly (or workspaces, for that matter!), the old energy accumulates, leaving us feeling tired, overwhelmed, or even depressed. Clearing the negative energy is crucial for any individual's well-being. Getting rid of the clutter is only the first step; crystals and smudge sticks (Native Americans used various herbs for their cleansing rituals) will help cleanse the negative spiritual energy.


Getting started can sound intimidating and even look silly if you have no experience practicing spiritual self-care, but only at first. Every beginning is difficult; that's why it's always good to have a helping hand on your way to healing. Essential oils play a significant role in the world of spirituality. They are used to cleanse your living space and your emotional and mental energy. Guided Reiki classes are often used as one of the most beneficial tools for soul healing and regaining vital energy. So, incorporate essential oils in your meditation routine:

  • Myrrh

  • Ylang ylang

  • Helichrysum

  • Sandalwood

  • Lavender

  • Atlas Cedarwood

  • Lemongrass

  • Frankincense


Prayers and affirmation rituals are powerful tools for opening the spiritual gateway. The potentially silly part comes from saying something that would sound a bit mumbo jumbo to a bystander. Feeling uncomfortable is normal; that's why we recommend starting with writing down your affirmations and/or prayers. Visualization is another valuable tool for finding and addressing the "higher self" frequency.

Nature time

Is there a more extraordinary remedy? Nature, a high vibrational environment, is there to nourish our wounded souls, help us recharge, and get in touch with our inner beings. Remember the last time you went for a hike; how did it feel? Observing and absorbing something much more significant than ourselves, we find gratitude, spiritual fulfillment, and a much-needed sense of interconnectedness. Self-care starts with the ability to be present in the moment. Mindfulness is key.

Final words

The truth is - change is already here. By needing it, you're inviting it into your life. Always remember to trust the intangible; it's your intuition's playground. As for spiritual self-care tips for a healthy soul, once you connect to your "higher self," you will know what to do.

Article written by Tanya Douglas

Thanks so much Tanya for adding the most useful informational articles on healing.

And to my readers:

First and foremost, thank you for tuning in. I love to see like minded people looking for more ways to grow and transform themselves. So please share this information with anyone you feel could use a bit of help in the mind, body and spirit arena.

Also if your looking for a way through meditation to connect to your "Higher Self", you're welcome to take the first step through one or several of my meditations. Here you'll find various meditations such as Chakra Balancing, Finding Inner Strength, Inner Reflection, Body Scan, Connecting With Your Higher Self, and more. As I continue to grow through my own personal healing meditations, I'll be continuously adding more for you as well.

The meditations I've created are infused with what I call "the trifecta of healing".

  1. I use the magical sounds of my 7 crystal singing bowls, each attuned to a different chakra so your receiving a Chakra balancing within each meditation

  2. I guide you to your subconscious level in all of my meditations so that you may go deep and gain insight

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