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A  Guide To Chakras - Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit!

A Guide To Chakras - Healing the Mind, Body and Spirit!

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Each Chakra Center in the body regulates all of the physical body processes, from organ function and immune systems to emotions, intellect and spirituality. When one or more chakra centers are out of balance or blocked, we will find ourselves with life challenges, illness/disease, energy depletion or an overall disconnected feeling.

This book shares specific tools and practices to support balance of the physical, emotional, energetic, mental and spiritual body. You will learn an about the Chakra System as well as specific tools, practices and techniques to heal, harmonize and balance each chakra center. You will then be able to determine imbalances or blockages within each and use the tools to bring balance and energy flow back into your mind, body and spirit.

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    This book is for YOU if, at times you:

    • Feel at times stresses or overwhelmed in your life
    • Seek purpose in your life
    • Have tense feelings in your relationships, whether personal or professional
    • Feel depressed or frustrated with your life
    • Experience any kind of challenges or are low in energy
    • Feel disconnected or alone
    • Are looking for a way to find your own personal bliss​

    What You Will Gain When You Apply the Concepts within This Book...

    • A greater sense of security, support, health and abundance
    • More joy, creativity, deep desire, passion and confidence
    • Positive self-esteem, confidence, self-respect and a feeling of being in control of our lives
    • Unconditional love, compassion, forgiveness and being spiritually centered
    • Clearer expression, communication and synthesizing of ideas
    • Inspiration, intuition, imagination, wisdom and a feeling of trust
    • Peace, divine connection and a sense of bliss
    • RECLAIM BALANCE as you identify patterns and behaviors that keep your energy blocked

    Empower Yourself and Transform Your Life! Bring yourself back to complete and total balance of the mind, body and spirit. Begin to live a life of divine health, wealth and abundant happiness today.

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